Casa Isabel Bar & Grill


I should preface this description with the fact that I maintain the Casa Isabel website and I have an inside view of this operation. I’ll try to be objective but please excuse me if I’m not.

Casa Isabel is the product of two people, Dave and Isabel Manore, the owners of Madison Avenue Pub in Toronto, Canada. The Casa has been their winter home for many, many years until recently, about 2 year ago, when they had the idea to add on to this small boutique hotel a bar and restaurant.

Dave Manore was a maniac. He loved creating. He also died in the early winter of 2009, just as he had finished the construction of his Bar/Restaurant. This is not written for sympathy but only for perspective.

There is no question that Casa Isabel Boutique Hotel is one of the finer tourist destinations in Puerto Vallarta. It is relatively inexpensive along with having one of the best locations. The view, alone, is worth its weight in gold.

The Restaurant/Bar was never meant to be a high-end gourmet dining experience but Isabel has a “fault” of hiring only the finest people to bring her dreams to fruition. What was to be originallhy a simple sports bar is now a restaurant that goes far beyond this category. In fact, it has no category. People naturally assume that, because Casa Isabel is in one of the primo locations in Puerto Vallarta that it must be one of the “best” restaurants in the city. It’s good, but it definitely isn’t the “best.” And I say this as a friend and in total support. Casa Isabel was designed as a place where people could relax, have fun and enjoy the best view in the bay.

At the time of this review, March, 2010, the restaurant has been open in full capacity for only about a month. Service has suffered as the staff has moved into the new kitchen and the new procedures. Casa Isabel will suffer the inconsistencies and defects and emerge, as Dave and Isabel always have, as a wonderful experience for those who know and appreciate quality.


COMMENTS ( from the owners )

The Casa Isabel MADISON SOUTH BAR & GRILL is a full-service restaurant and bar overlooking Puerto Vallarta and the whole of Banderas Bay. It is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day. The dress is casual and the atmosphere relaxed with the emphasis on enjoyment.

Come for breakfast, lunch or dinner or just to have a drink and stay to watch the sunset. The view is second to none. By day you can see the whole of the Bay of Banderas and by night the lights of Puerto Vallarta are magical. The nightly Malecón fireworks are a treat.


(Please excuse Google for misnaming this street…)