Puerto Vallarta Bullfights ยป Wednesdays, Dec 23, 2009, to May, 2010

Corrida de Toros

“Anything capable of arousing passion in its favor will surely raise as much passion against it.” – Ernest Hemingway

The 2009-2010 Puerto Vallarta Bullfighting season will run from December 23 thru May at la Plaza de Toros “La Paloma” on the airport highway just north of Walmart and the Marina. Bullfights are held weekly, every Wednesday, at 5pm. The cost is 350 pesos.

There is blood and death for the bulls (4 a night), posing and pageantry for the toreadors. Bullfighting can be poetry and art and it can be primitive man against animal brutality. The bullfight is one notable place where cultures clash between New World sentimentality and European/Mexican sensuality.

Perhaps it would be good to take into account that this is one of the main “premiums” offered by timeshare salesmen here in Puerto Vallarta so much of the audience will probably be tourists. The Vallarta Bullfights are not premium.

Video of a Bullfight here in Puerto Vallarta: