It is easy to keep up with the news in Puerto Vallarta. There are many news websites and printed newspapers and magazines. Of the Spanish online resources, Noticiaspv, Siempre Libre and Opina stand out as the most comprehensive and these are my choices for actual news reporting.

Of the English resources, Banderas Bay News probably leads, followed by the weekly touristy editions of PVMirror and the Tribune (being weekly greatly diminishes their value as a timely news source). Vallarta Today has some good news and is edited by a talented person who knows Vallarta very well, but it often misses the mark as a reliable resource. All of the English publications are primarily advertising media and “the news” is secondary, at best.

“99.999% of what happens in life is not news.” — Loesje

Banderas Bay News Logo
The BANDERAS BAY NEWS: An English language web-magazine with a lively online mix of fluff (advertisements disguised as “news”) and local and international news. Video features. “Left” leaning editorial policy.
EMAIL: Info (at) BanderasNews.com

Bay Vallarta Logo
BAY VALLARTA: The bilingual English/Spanish (with a smattering of German), bi-weekly printed and web event calendar magazine of Vallarta Online. The printed version is fantastic. The online version leaves a lot to be desired (if you value information). If you go to the Spanish language version of the internet guide, it much more complete than the gringo version. It is now available as a PDF download. Very nice.

PHONE: From the US or Canada: 011 +52 (322) 223-1127. Local Phone: 223-1127. Phone from Nuevo Vallarta: 01 (322) 223-1127. FAX: 011 +52 (322) 223-0560.
ADDRESS: Vallarta Online, Blvd Francisco Medina Ascencio #1692, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, C.P. 48330.
EMAIL: news (at) vallartaonline.com

El Faro Logo
EL FARO: A Spanish language weekly newspaper for Puerto Vallarta. Available online in PDF at EL FARO. (You have to go through a bit of loud flash programming to get to the PDF, but it’s worth it. The whole news paper is available online.) El Faro is associated with La Explosiva 590, a local radio station. It is the grand fuddy duddy of Vallarta Newspapers with a strong conservative slant. Funny if you know the scene here. Pedantic if you don’t.
PHONE: 01 (322) 221.0573
ADDRESS: Plaza Marina, primer piso, Oficina N# 101, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. C.P. 48354

FOTONOTA: News Photographs of many diverse subjects concerning Puerto Vallarta. “Una imagen dice más que mil palabras.”

WEBSITE: http://www.fotonota.com/

Guadalajara Reporter
GUADALAJARA REPORTER: The only real English language newspaper for Jalisco State and Puerto Vallarta. The Reporter covers Vallarta only incidentally, but even with this minimal coverage, it is the best, if not the only, “newspaper” in town. The reporting is professional and accurate. An internet subscription is $30 (US) per year and is well worth it. Some free stories are also posted on the website.


La Jornada Logo
LA JORNADA: A Spanish language online and print newspaper for Jalisco (headquartered in Mexico DF). La Jornada is a progressive, left-center publication critical of PAN and PRI and supporting, editorially, recent same-sex marriage and abortion initiatives. It is sympathetic to the Zapatista movement and the PRD and is somewhat affiliated with the National Autonomous University of Mexico. It has very little news related to Puerto Vallarta but quite a bit related to Guadalajara.

WEBSITE: http://www.lajornadajalisco.com.mx/index.php
EMAIL: Lajornadajalisco (at) yahoo.com.mx
TEL: 36 15 62 09 y 19

MANO A MANO: A buy and sell weekly publication with free classified ads (mostly in Spanish but some in English). The printed version comes out on Fridays and is 3 pesos. After Friday, it is distributed free in many locations. The online version is more current than the printed version.
WEBSITE: http://www.manoamano.com.mx/index.php
ADDRESS: Peru #1115, Col. 5 de Diciembre, Puerto Vallarta
PHONE: 01 (322) 22 238 88

MERIDIANO VALLARTAThe online digital PDF version of this major newspaper chain’s Vallarta edition.

the NEWS logo
The NEWS With a history dating back 58 years, The News was proud to be the only English-language daily in Mexico. The daily circulation of 10,000 reached out from Mexico City to the whole country. This newspaper has recently changed hands and is now nothing more than a USA TODAY for expats living in Mexico. Very little Mexican news and a lot of the ‘normal’ Americanized news.

NNC – Nayarit Network Communication The principle portal for the Meridiano Newspaper group. Politics, Sports, Police Reporting, Social and International news. Videos, podcasts and traditional news stories.

NoticiasPV logo
NOTICIASPV: A Spanish language online ‘newspaper’ for Puerto Vallarta. Contains many news photos and stories and columns produced locally. Apparently closely aligned with PAN, the right-wing political party here in Mexico and many stories are slanted with that political/editorial view. The website has many annoying popup ads and a constantly running “live stream” video that drains bandwidth.
WEBSITE: http://noticiaspv.com/
NOTICAS PV RADIO: http://noticiaspv.com/sitio/radio/

NotiVallarta “News” in Spanish and the website has a new look with much easier access to information for both Spanish and English speakers.

PV MIRROR An English language website with quite a bit of news of interest to the expat community. Also a fine resource for Puerto Vallarta history.

The PV Mirror also has a web “newspaper” PDF edition that can be viewed weekly at http://www.pvmcitypaper.com/

PVNOTAS.COM This news website appears to be a function of the PAN (religious right-wing) political party here in Vallarta and presents somewhat slanted news and features in that direction. It does not appear to be especially gay-friendly.

Siempre Libres
Extremely sensationalist and definitely NOT FREE (in both spirit and price). Available both in print and on the web. This publication is the perfect source for a fix of bloody dead body photos. The details in the stories are not always totally accurate but the range of news coverage is quite large.

The online, Spanish language parent of the English Vallarta Tribune. The difference between the two is that this is a real newspaper and the English version is solely an advertising medium. Politically, it is a PAN supporter but it is broad-based in its news coverage.

TV PUERTO VALLARTA A local internet “TV” station in English that presents Youtube feature videos of local events and traditions.

Vallarta Opina
VALLARTA OPINA Quite a complete online and printed local newspaper. (Spanish). Politically and editorially, it is a PRI supporter but it functions more as a society news medium than a hard-core political propaganda mouthpiece. Old school.

Vallarta Today Logo
VALLARTA TODAY: A local English language printed weekly news paper of quite limited circulation and a “daily” news website.

vallarta tribune
The VALLARTA TRIBUNE: An English language weekly printed advertising magazine directed to the the Canadian and American expats and tourists in Puerto Vallarta. Very much advertising fluff. The online version is a PDF download.
EMAIL: editor (at) vallartatribune.org

VALLARTA VIVE: A Spanish language electronic medium covering news, events and general opinions (columns) about Puerto Vallarta. Always current and constantly updated.
WEBSITE: http://www.vallartavive.com/default.asp

EL VALLARTENSE“El corazón del hombre necesita creer algo, y cree mentiras cuando no encuentra verdades que creer” — Mariano José de Larra